Focus 2020


Focus 2019 was Amazing, Focus 2020 is going to be even better.

Focus is our yearly church summer holiday. Where we join up with other churches in the HTB Network, for teaching, worship, fun and fellowship. You can expect big top worship, kids and youth ministry, BBQ’s, games, prayer spaces and great teaching in both big and small settings . All of this while growing deeper in relationship with your little churches and the wider church.


Focus 2020 - Somerley Estate 24th-28th July 2020

To book - Super Early Bird rate ends September 30th

For bursary or other information- Please use the contact form at the bottom of page.

Teaser Trailer

3 Things

There are 3 things we would want you to hear us say if you are a member of B&A

1) Come - Be part of something amazing. Take the time to grow in relationship with God and one another.

2) Serve - Focus is built on church members from all around the country serving on different types of teams. If you really want to see God move, we would encourage you to consider serving. God is counter cultural, serving doesn’t mean you won’t receive.

3) Give - If you are in a financial position where you can afford your own ticket and a little more. We would encourage you to contact us to give towards a bursary. We don’t want money to be the reason someone can’t make it it Focus 2020. We are family those who can give, so those who can’t, can.

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