Soul Food


Led by Simon and Rosie

Soul Food is a Little Church built around a weekly community meal to which anyone in need is welcome. Inspired and supported by Soul Food Edinburgh (, we are setting tables and serving a healthy and delicious home cooked meal every Wednesday evening at B&A on the Gloucester Road.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved or hear more about Soul Food.

Hospitality is at the heart of the gospel. Jesus ate with people. A lot! And not just people who were like him. We’ve been challenged and encouraged by Isaiah 58 and 25 and would encourage you to have a read as well.

Soul Food is a bit like a body with many parts. We are at all ages and stages of our journey with Jesus. Some of us prepare and cook food, others get the hall ready to welcome guests, some are there to offer the warmest of welcome. We can be found sitting and chatting over a meal, serving up food, clearing plates and washing up. There’s a fair bit of that! Through all these activities we want to extend the love and care of Jesus to our guests and to offer to journey alongside them.

We are discipled ourselves as we serve together, using our time intentionally to share encouragements, challenges and to hear stories from scripture and of where God is at work in our everyday lives.

Is your heart racing? We’d love to meet you and share more of this incredible journey.

Everyone’s Invited - always!

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Soul Food meets on Wednesdays

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