Waiting not wanting

As we head towards Christmas, what does it mean to 'not be in want'. In the first of our 'Thought for the Day' series, James writes about carrying an attitude of waiting in advent.

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James Stevenson
Elephants & Tigers

On Sunday at the 10.30 Gathering we had a 'go' at what Kids Church call chat and catch. We spent time asking God if there was anything he wanted to say to us as a church. If you were there you'll probably remember that we heard a lot about elephants and tiger!. This post explains a bit more of what was happening and why as church we do this kind of thing.

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Wayne Massey
Jesus 1.0

I once received an email from someone telling me they were taking some time away from church. They used their phone as an illustration. Things had got overloaded in life and they needed to remove some apps. I remember wanting to shout at the screen: “Jesus is not an app, he’s the operating system!”


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Wayne MasseyComment

In a new series called #everyoneeveryday we're going to hear from the people of B&A about how they live their everyday lives for Jesus. This week we start with Kate.

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B&A Bristol