Loving when it gets awkward.

The Christmas season gives us more opportunities to be in contact with more people. Whilst there can be plenty of 'comfort and joy', there can also be moments of awkwardness, sometimes extreme awkwardness. How do we respond as Christians when it gets awkward?

Human instinct leads us to seek to protect ourselves by either avoiding or attacking, neither of which are very loving. Instead we need to connect and forgive. Neither of which we can do in our own strength but both of which we can do in God's. 


So when someone says or does something that's upsetting, don't fly off the handle or slope off and keep a record of their wrongdoing! Try instead to find a way to communicate to them that you love them and ask God to help you to forgive them just as you have been forgiven. It's simple really, so simple that it's almost embarrassing that we're not better at it. Let's love as we are loved, even when it gets a little awkward. Connect and forgive.