The kindest thing we can do

This weekend a group of people from B&A spent some time learning about how we can make disciples. On Friday we thought about why we make disciples, who we can pray for, what our story is, what the gospel is and finally, when we would act on what we had learnt. It was pretty challenging stuff! On Saturday we consolidated what we had learnt on Friday night and then talked about how we could connect with people, so that we could offer to pray for them. 

We want to offer to pray for people because that’s just being kind.
— Russell Godward, MOVE

Often engaging in evangelism can feel a bit transactional, as if we have to persuade people to stay still long enough whilst we do something to them. This felt very different. The trainer kept saying 'The kindest thing we can do is to share the gospel with people' and he often prefixed that by saying 'We want to offer to pray for people because that's just being kind'.

MOVE Training in Action at B&A St Andrews Park

MOVE Training in Action at B&A St Andrews Park

And then came the interesting bit! We were encouraged to go out and offer to pray for people, and, if they were willing to explain the gospel to them, using a simple diagram. So, off we went, in different directions, doing different things, some more confident than others. Some door-knocked, others went to talk to people in the street and the park. One person even arranged to meet one of the people they pray for daily. My own experience involved praying for someone who was profoundly grieving. He was just so grateful and was wiling to hear about God. 

Our hope is that, as a church, everyone will grow in confidence so that it will become normal for us to offer to pray for our friends and to share our faith with them. We want to grow together in obedience to Jesus in following His command to make disciples. 

We will be doing the same training again in March. If you're interested in coming along, ask someone you know who came along this weekend or your Little Church leader and find out more. The training will be on Friday 2nd (evening) and Saturday 3rd March (daytime) or for more details contact