In the first of our series of #everyoneeveryday, we hear from Kate Spens from Kent Road Little Church...


On a Monday morning you will find me in my kitchen getting organised for the week; sorting laundry, making packed lunches, planning meals, dealing with the ironing mountain, lining up everyone's schedules and drinking a lot of coffee!

I'm here because I'm a wife and mum to 3 children as well as a teacher and so I juggle all the things of life - family, part time work, friendships etc....

In another life I would have worked as a florist or gardener! 

The difference Jesus makes in my job/everyday life is EVERYTHING! I can find purpose in the mundane and ordinary and I delight in knowing I am never alone. He brings me peace and joy and comfort in the tough moments....and reminds  me about the joy that serving others brings!
If you were to pray for people in my job/situation I would want you to pray for.....
1. VISION - to see that raising our children is a high calling and while it is hard work is a great investment
2. JOY - juggling work and family is tough and often feels a challenge and struggle but God has called us to "never cease to do good" and we can find joy and delight in being obedient to that call. And remembering to laugh at ourselves and have fun is important too!
3. IMPACT - working part time and being a mum puts me in contact with lots of people and I long for more of them to know Jesus too.