A Call To Prayer Step 2: Your Own Prayer Life

Jan 28th to Feb 4th is the launch week for our Call to Prayer. Over a number of posts we will be sharing what steps we need to take to get ready for the week and the ongoing call. Step 1 is simply to put the dates in your dairy and to determine to make prayer your priority that week.

Step 2 is focussed on our own prayer lives and what we can be doing that week to grow in prayer and to put in place practices that will help us in the future. In schools, teachers use something like core, stretch and challenge with the kids to make sure the right kids are learning at the right level. Core is what we should all be capable of. Stretch is, as the term says, stretching ourselves in order to learn and grow. And challenge is simply that, taking on something challenging. So here is core, stretch and challenge for our own prayer lives for this first week of the Call to Prayer.

Take time to consider what you will do that week.

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A daily rhythm of Morning Prayer, Midday Prayer and Evening Prayer.

Morning Prayer

Using 1,2,3 setting aside time (6,15,30) for worship, Bible and prayer. This is at a time of our choosing, but the idea is that beginning our days in prayer is something the church through the ages has recognised as a good thing. What time will you set aside? Where will you pray? And for how long? Make it sensible and achievable so that you will be able to do it. Setting your alarm an hour earlier may work for a week, but in the longterm? What time can you carve out that will continue? 

Midday Prayer: Lord’s Prayer

We are inviting everyone to set aside time as close to midday as possible in order to pray the Lord’s Prayer. This should take a matter of minutes but in the midst of our busy days stopping to pray will be good to reorientate us to God and his love.

Evening Prayer

As your day draws to a close can you take time to reflect prayerfully on the day? Pray prayers of thanks and commit any concerns etc you have to God?


Practices to help you grow in prayer.

What’s Next Prayer

As you pray for your five knots (those people we long to come to Jesus) ask God for one person; 'Lord what’s next for me and them?’ Then do what it is you think God tells you to do. It might be simply meeting for a coffee, sending a text, or it may be inviting them to Little Church or a Gathering or sharing something of faith with them.

Listening To God

If during your day, or in prayer, you sense God bringing someone to mind or asking you to do something. Do it! And let someone know that’s what you have done. I know someone who if they see someone who looks like someone they know they pray for the person they know and also get in touch with them. You’d be amazed at how often this has had an impact.

Offer To Pray For Someone

Find yourself in a conversation with someone at work, school gate in the street and they tell you about that needs prayer. Well ask them if you can be praying for them. You don’t have to pray there or then, but let them know you will pray.

Listen To Or Watch A Talk on Prayer

Take some time in your week to listen to or watch a talk about prayer. We’ll make suggestions available for you to choose from.


Going that bit further and maybe even scaring yourself a bit!

Offer To Pray There And Then

Taking offering to to pray for someone to the next level. Asking ‘do you mind if I pray now?’ And then doing just that, praying for them. 


Fasting has always played a key role in the life of people of faith. Can you commit to fasting during the week? It could be for part of a day, a day or a few days. We’ll make available advice and tips on how best and safely to fast.

Read A Book On Prayer

Why not skip TV for the week and read a book on prayer. Again we’ll make suggested reading available. If reading is not your thing you could ‘box set’ the Prayer Course!

Step 3 will be looking at how we pray as families, households and communities.




Wayne Massey