Jesus Our Healer

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Are you spiritually hungry? Thirsty? In need? Jesus says come. Are you in physical pain? Experiencing emotional distress? Depressed? Weary? Broken? Hurting? Alone? Scared? Dying? Jesus says come. He calls us to come and encounter Him here and now as the only source that will fully satisfy us, whatever our state. Jesus, our healer; compassionate, tender and powerful beyond measure invites you and me to bring our brokenness in all forms before Him, right here and right now and see His Kingdom breaking into our lives for the glory of His name.

It astounds me that the lavishness of his mercy and love means that we don’t have to wait to experience Him, we get to have a foretaste now. In God’s Kingdom there will be no more death or crying or pain for these former things will have passed away (Rev. 21), so when we pray that God’s Kingdom comes and His will is done on earth as it is in heaven, we are asking to see the tears cease, the pain end and the sting of death gone now, in these very moments. We are asking for His Kingdom to invade the Kingdoms we have constructed and bowed to; heaven to touch earth. We are asking for a glimpse of what we know we will one day see in fullness, an advance on what is eventually going to prevail completely, a deposit, a guarantee, a sign and a wonder.

As Jesus went about performing miracles, healing the sick and casting out demons, He was ushering in the Father’s Kingdom, so lives began to reflect what they will fully reflect in the end. He commands us to do the same; to experience healing for ourselves and to pray for it to happen for others. So, as I walked home from the school run, my attention was drawn to a mum who I knew had ongoing back pain. I’ve seen legs grow, demons flee, sickness leave and emotional pain and trauma cease, but I was resisting the prompt to ask her if I could pray. Yet, the Lord is patient with us and after the third opportunity presented itself, I asked her how her back was. She said it was pretty much better ( ‘Phew’, I thought, ‘I’m off the hook’) but then explained her husbands back was really bad, (‘here we go…’ I thought, ‘game on!’). I garbled something about being a Christian and believing that God can heal today so could I pray for them. I was met with beaming eyes, an open heart and a big yes. We didn’t pray there and then, which I should have been bolder to offer, but I’m praying now and will continue to pray. That our God who loves to heal, will heal her husbands back as a sign of His power and and grace, pointing them to Him, the only one who can fully heal and redeem us.

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