Soul Food

At the beginning of August, I sat in a cafe at Focus with Simon and Rosie Satchell and asked them about how their Little Church (Kent Road) was going. Over the last six years Simon and Rosie have faithfully led the Kent Road community as a group of Christians of all ages most of whom live in the north Bishopston area. It has been a thriving community in which the Alpha Course has been run and a few people have become Christians.

I was expecting more of the same from Simon and Rosie when we met and was gently blown away when they began to talk of their heart to connect with and disciple the lonely and the vulnerable. They spoke of friends in Edinburgh who have run a ministry called Soul Food and talked about their desire to start a Soul Food at B&A Gloucester Road.

Here’s a link to the website:

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Since early August Simon and Rosie have talked this through with Kent Road and begun to share the vision more widely with the rest of B&A. Our hope is that we’ll have a team in place to start Soul Food in early 2019. There’s loads to do and loads to pray for but God is on the move…

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James Stevenson