My Call to Prayer

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I love coincidences. They so often end up being God-incidences. This New Year, I decided that, if I was to make any resolutions, they had to be God-focused. So I decided to keep it simple and make just one. I pledged to sit silently for 10 minutes, at the start and the end of the day, to focus on God in meditation.

So when the ‘Call to Prayer’ was announced during a service in January, I felt that excitement which only Spirit-fuelled coincidences produce. My desire to find a way of spending time every day focusing on God was being echoed and reinforced through our life together as a Church. I loved the emphasis on sustainability rather than a one off week of prayer. An encouragement to build new habits. Habits that have a chance of taking root, maturing and producing fruit because they are relevant to my lifestyle, my situation and my journey with God.

Christian meditation aims at simplicity, silence and stillness. Sitting still and quiet for 10 minutes, repeating the beautiful word ‘Maranatha’ (‘Come Lord Jesus’ in Aramaic) over and over in your mind. And that’s it. Simple, right? Except the devil is literally in the detail. Our minds - encouraged no end by the enemy I am sure - do not like to be ignored. Distraction is unavoidable. ‘Do not evaluate your meditation’ is one of the clear instructions given by the World Community for Christian Meditation ( So I have been sitting, twice daily since January 1st, trying desperately not to worry about whether I am ‘getting anywhere’.

But what is so encouraging is that, despite all the (myriad) distractions, something mysterious is occurring alongside the mundane. I am getting to know myself better - my thought patterns, feelings that bubble up to the surface in the stillness. Better than that, I am experiencing - for the first time - a tangible sense of being intimately known by God. Passages that I’ve read time and again in the Bible are taking on a more meaningful flavour. Prayer life within our Little Church is deepening. I am following the Bible in One Year app (take 3) and actively looking forward to the next instalment.  

God is on the move. Bring it on.
Wayne Massey