Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

It's March. March! Dean Martin and the sound of Christmas music has long since left our ears, but the snow has come and is coming. A brief trip to the local supermarket on Wednesday night revealed there had been a rush on Broccoli amongst other things... It seemed a tad premature.


Yesterday morning the staff team here set about calling the 60 or so elderly people who are a part of our church to check that they were ok. Many of them are already part of Little Churches, so they had a friendly call from their Little Church leader to see if they wanted any help or visits and to link them up with younger members of the congregation who lived near them. 

Aside from it being lovely to talk to people and to hear their voices, it was heartening to hear that many of them were already being looked after by relatives, friends and neighbours. We also had a list of people offering to help out. It was the church doing what it does this morning really, working together and bringing about blessing.

James Stevenson