New Little Churches

In March, we said to our Little Church leaders and their teams that we need five new Little Churches. Within half an hour we had one of those five. Charles and Jane Auld have since planted Third Man ( from Kings.

This last Sunday we heard about two new Little Churches that we are hoping to launch by September.


Beyond the Gate is an initiative we are hoping to launch with sixty-one ( running a weekly hub for ex-offenders. HMP Bristol has a 70% re-offending rate and we passionately believe that God has a heart to see prisoners released and freed not re-incarcerated. To reverse that trend, ex-offenders need a safe place where they can re-build their lives. Beyond the Gate will be one of those places. Millie Cork, one of our ordinands is ready to lead this Little Church and sixty-one are ready to send people our way, but we desperately need a team to help lead this with Millie. If you are interested, contact and he will send your details to Millie.

Bake & Bless is a little church that does what it says on the tin. Ann Tizzard is going to gather people to bake cakes at her house initially. Whilst the cakes are baking, the bible will be opened and the bakers will pray. When the cakes are ready, they’ll be given away to those God directs as a way of blessing others. So far, Ann has a team of three people, but for us, a Little Church team needs six people, which means that Ann needs more of a team to get going. If you’re interested in Baking, want to learn more or just love washing up, then email and she will be in touch.

Please pray!

James Stevenson