Buildings at B&A

The B&A Youth Centre And So Much More!

You don’t have to work too hard to imagine somewhere locals call the B&A Youth Centre. It is a space that is alive throughout the week. Most afternoons there is a drop in youth club with homework assistance for young people on their way home. At the weekends it is the home of Ignite Youth, a safe space for young people to hang out, make friends and discover Jesus. 

But the space is so much more than that as well. On a Sunday morning you will find some of B&A’s ever growing kid’s church meeting there. During the week the building is also used for parenting courses, CAP courses and as a meeting place for some of the vulnerable in our area. In the evenings, Little Churches that have outgrown local homes meet there. It is a space that is alive with kingdom life and is truly a blessing to the community.

Over the past few years we have been working with the Diocese of Bristol in order to secure the site at 8 Walsingham Road (next door to B&A St Andrew’s Park) for the work of our church and the wider church across Bristol.

In order for us to pursue this opportunity we have identified that we need to raise approx. £300,000. We believe this figure enables us to complete the purchase and begin initial works.

This is a good sized figure for us! The Church Council recognised this figure represents an opportunity to grow in our faith and in our learning to seek God for his provision. It also represents an opportunity for us to grow as disciples learning to give sacrificially. The Church Council therefore decided to set aside a month for focussed prayer and fasting asking for God’s guidance and provision.

June 6th to July 7th

For one month we want to ask everyone to pray. To pray individually, in our homes, in our Little Churches and when we gather.

And we want everyone to pray two prayers.

God is it your will that we are able to purchase 8 Walsingham Road and would you move in power and provide all we need for this project?

God what are saying to me(us) about the sacrifice you are calling me(us) to make as part of this?

In the middle of June we have to present to The Diocese of Bristol our proposal for how we intend to purchase 8 Walsingham Road. If you are able before Sunday June 16th to give an indication of either a one off gift or a monthly gift over 12 months please email Lindsay Davey ( to let her know. Your pledge details will be kept confidential.

James Stevenson